This is Xiaoting Sun’s blog, a girl who comes from Tsingtao, China, and majors in MA. Cinema Studies of NYU, outgoing but a little slow-starter.

I love playing the piano, travel, Yoga and make-up cosmetics, and as a student of this major, watching films is really a mania. To be professional, my favorite movie genres are French New Wave and New Realism in Italy, and my favorite director is Yasujiro Ozu. These film plots are not such dramatic or exciting but flat and real, which glorify the true life and reality. But to be honest, I also fall in love with Superhero movies, Iron Man and The Avengers especially!


I also deepened my understanding of film through production. I shot short movies, news and documentaries at the local television station, visual film studio and Columbia University, which enabled me to learn about the filmmaking process, editing skills, including narrative techniques and structures, and collaboration with a diverse crew. I can use editing software like Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere and a little Adobe After Effects. So I would like to do a video project for the class this semester.


I interest in this class for combining the theory and practice, comparing and analyzing films in the similar genre and comprehending them in terms of their techniques and historical, cultural and sociological significance, as well as the application of digital media in films.

Nice to meet you all ~


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